C.H. Moor (1876-1949)

C.H. Moor was a watercolor artist who primarily painted rural landscapes. He painted mostly on location in his native England, Wales, and later in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

The artist was born James Christopher Hoare Moor in 1876 in Birmingham, England. He lived in and painted in England and Wales where he was a member of the Swansea Art Society before moving to the United States in 1920. Although art was a hobby for Moor rather than a career, it is obvious from studying the piles of paintings he left behind that art was also a passion for him. In addition to his own work, his collection contained 8 works by Alfred Rawlings and 1 painting by Alfred Parkman as well as several unsigned works of art. Rawlings and Parkman were both watercolor artists and both were members of the Swansea Art Society along with Moor.

Woolwich - click to view in galleryEven though I am offering reproductions of his work for sale, the primary purpose of this project and of this site is to begin to share the work of this virtually unknown artist with the world - even if just in a small way. I hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery. Feel free to drop me an email with your comments or feedback, or questions. Thanks for visiting!

C.H. Moor Ruins Gallery

Castle Ruins, by C.H. Moor, Watercolor on Paper

One of C.H. Moor's favorite subjects to paint was ruins. He painted many landscapes which includes castle or church ruins. This special gallery features a handful of his works depicting ruins. These ruins are unidentified to date, so if you happen to recognize any of them, I encourage you to drop me a line and let me know.

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Works by other artists in the C.H. Moor collection:

Tintern, by Alfred Parkman

Tintern, by Alfred Parkman (1 image)

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Alfred Rawlings (1855-1929)

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